Revolutionize the Way You Manage Patient Health


MDSuite EHR is fully integrated with MDSuite Practice Management and Appointment scheduler.  Staff can work in a single program, in a single database and enjoy the convenience of a single logon.  This greatly reduces the need for multiple system data comparisons or double data-entry- a major source of frustration and wasted time.

Chart Faster with Customizable Models

MDSuite's innovative Models are easy to use and customize.  They are as fast as templates, but they use your own words.  The art of practicing medicine is not compromised.

Create a Model for a specific condition or procedure.  Just double click and the note is populated with patient specific data, disease specific questions, findings, reminder to yourself and instructions to staff.

Preventive Care

Choose measures that best match your specialty type and report on those measures. Create and manage lists of patients overdue for specific preventive care visits or procedures.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

100% compatible with the world's best selling speech recognition program.  Just speak into the microphone and turn your speech to text.  Includes medical vocabularies covering 80 medical specialties and subspecialties

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"Room View" A bird's eye view of your office!

Room View
  • View Patient Photos
  • Drag and Drop patients and families
  • Shows which room your staff is in
  • Tracks appointment time, time in office and time in current place
  • Color coded tasks that are ready to be completed
  • Print educational documents and visit summaries
  • Hyperlinks to the patient's chart and demographics
  • Indicate urgency or attach a message

Seamless Integration and Streamline Workflows

  • Chart and Demographics-one click away
  • No redundant data entry
  • Quick access to the entire patient record-clinical, financial, documentation, communication and scheduling

Chart By Exception


One click populates your note with all exam normals (+) or review of systems negatives (-), allowing you to chart by exception.


Create Professional Notes

  •  Professional Notes encourage more referrals!

  •  Embed Drawings and images

  • Show "before and after" pictures

  • Split View shows Histories on the left.  Findings assessment and plan on the right

Professional Note