Unique specialties demand precise solutions – MediTouch custom EHR suits the needs specific to almost any medical specialty.

Since MediTouch works for most specialties and across any platform, chances are that many of your peers in medical specialties are already using it.

  • Pre-loaded with templates and care plans specific to your medical specialty
  • YourHealthFile Patient Portal brings your patient closer to your practice
  • Award-winning features and customer service
  • Easily customizable to suit your unique needs

MediTouch EHR Specialties (Click to view whitepages)

Cardiology ENT
Family Practice Gastroenterology
Geriatric Medicine Infectious Disease
Internal Medicine Neurology
Nurse Practitioner Ob/Gyn
Orthopedics Osteopathic Medicine
Pain Management Pediatrics
Podiatry Physical Medicine & Rehab
Pulmonology Sports Medicine
Surgery Urgent Care

Unique Medical Specialties Demand Precise Solutions

Our medical team, including our management team (who are board certified physicians) with the aid of many specialty physicians, has helped formulate the content and customization tools that make MediTouch the perfect fit for most any medical practice. Here is our secret formula:

Chief Complaint and History of Present Illness (HPI) — Our system comes pre-loaded with hundreds of question and answer type forms that focus on a variety of specialties. Our Chief Complaint/HPI forms are built with simple questions and answers that help a specialist build knowledge relating to a specific complaint. The forms are written in a fashion that makes it easy for a medical assistant to ask a question relating to the complaint and for the patient to answer the question. The real magic is that the answers are magically converted to medical expressions and cataloged in the format required by CMS. What makes MediTouch really special is that these specialty Chief Complaint/HPI forms can be pre-loaded on our patient portal — YourHealthFile so that the patient can complete the form prior to the scheduled visit. Need a form that you can’t find in our library — we are here to help you build your own customized forms, based on the ones you have probably used in your practice for years!

Review of Systems — The MediTouch system has a Review of Systems module that has been customized for specialty practices, and can also be further customized to match the precise methods that your practice has been using to complete this portion of the standard SOAP note.

Physical Exam Templates — MediTouch has all of the findings required for any specialist to document the standard physical exam. If you are a Rheumatologist and you need to document a “swan neck deformity of the fingers”, or a Pulmonologist that needs to document “what phase of respiration you hear a wheeze” — we got it! If you need to add a finding, we supply a simple interface for making our physical exam interface match the one that you typically use in your practice.

Procedure Documentation — Kill two birds with one stone — work with your biller to match your typical procedure narrative (what you say in your note to document a procedure) with the CPT codes that you use for that procedure in your practice. When you document a procedure, the system will automatically code that procedure for you and afford you the opportunity to set or add a modifier or increase the number of units, depending on the work you performed on a specific patient. Code in advance and on time; you get your billing perfect every time.

Care Plans — The system is pre-loaded with hundreds of care plans that assist you in documenting your goals and thinking with regard to a patient’s diagnosis. This process of documenting care plans helps your referral sources understand your “action plans” with regard to the patient’s they send your practice for consultation. If you are an OB/GYN doctor and you want do document your treatment plan for Infertility or a Pediatrician that wants to document your recommendations with regard to a child with Croup — we got it and so much more. MediTouch is ahead of the curve with regard to pre-loading care plans, as CMS has now made documentation of care plan, along with treatment goals, a mandatory part of the second stage of Meaningful Use. Only choose an EHR that has the framework in place for Meaningful Use Stage 2; with our pre-loaded care plans and the ability to add or modify new care plans, your practice will be well positioned for the next phase of the government incentive program.

Superbill — With EHR there is no longer any need for a paper Superbill; the provider chooses the codes on the MediTouch interface and they are instantly converted to an electronic claim which is then transmitted to your billing staff’s interface for final review. MediTouch for specialists has all of the common codes used for diagnosis and procedure documentation organized and pre-loaded by specialty type. It takes just a few seconds to add a different or new code or delete a pre-loaded code to customize your “Electronic Superbill”, so it matches the one you already use.

Preventive Care — Choose Health Maintenance measures that best match your specialty type and report on those measures for PQRS. Create and manage lists of patients overdue for specific preventive care visits or procedures.

Medications — Our Surescripts White Coat of Quality Award Winning eRx system can learn your favorite drugs and assist you in categorizing them in the category of your choosing while you e-prescribe. Our system learns as you work, reducing the time required for setup.

Drawing — Specialists have unique needs with regard to documentation. With our MediDraw module we make it simple for providers to draw on an anatomical diagram specific to their profession, or on an image of a patient’s pathology. Simply take a picture with a smartphone or iPad and uploaded it wirelessly to the patient’s chart, then draw directly on the image. Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Customizable — Even within a specific specialty, provider practice patterns vary (sometimes even within the same practice). Medical specialists need a custom EHR that’s easy to use. With MediTouch anyone who knows how to use a mouse and keyboard can customize our EHR and have it match their practice pattern perfectly — never a need to hire IT staff to get started with our software.