RelayAnalytics� Financial Diagnostics
A Dashboard View into Your Revenue Cycle to Identify Trends and Improve Performance


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Within the current economic and regulatory climate, physician practices find it increasingly difficult to achieve their financial goals. Manually compiling and managing claims and related data is a cumbersome process, but proper troubleshooting and trend analysis call for this type of aggregated data. Outsourcing this service can be expensive, offsetting the potential benefits.  Designed specifically for physician practices, RelayAnalytics� Financial Diagnostics provides comprehensive visibility into financial performance. With access to complete claims and remittance data that is updated daily, you can analyze operational and financial performance to understand trending and make appropriate adjustments.  At-a-Glance Analysis Revenue cycle success starts at registration and continues throughout the claim cycle. Available as a dashboard with key performance indicators in the areas that matter most, RelayAnalytics Financial Diagnostics offers an end-to-end view of your revenue cycle using data compiled from a rolling 13-month period. You can view summary data in an easy-to-understand format, giving you insight into your processing cycle virtually in real time.  No more compiling information manually to run reports; all of the relevant information is readily available for review. The convenient performance indicators help isolate problem areas and provide you the opportunity to address them quickly. Summary Overviews with Drill-Down Capabilities In addition to summary data, you can also drill down for further details and additional analysis. This helps enable you to troubleshoot based on updated information to determine root cause and consider corrective options.

A key benefit of RelayAnalytics Financial Diagnostics is the ability to compare your data with that of other providers using the RelayHealth clearinghouse. For instance, you may want to compare the time it takes your practice to submit a claim versus the submission time for other providers.  You no longer have to speculate about how your practice�s performance compares to others within your specialty, or to providers in your state. RelayAnalytics Financial Diagnostics provides transparency into industry performance and helps you to focus on areas needing improvement and make process adjustments to bring performance back in line with your peers.

Easily Available with Minimal Investment

RelayAnalytics Financial Diagnostics is available as Software- as-a-Service (SaaS), so costly or time-consuming infrastructure investments are eliminated. And reports can easily be exported for further analysis. No installation + easy to use = faster results for you!  RelayAnalytics Financial Diagnostics provides physician practices with visibility into claims and remittance data. This facilitates trending and financial evaluations for root cause analysis and subsequent process improvements. It delivers the visibility you need to assess and enhance your practice�s operational and financial performance.


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