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Actionable Patient Financial Information

Access to comprehensive patient financial information is essential to productive financial discussions and patient collections initiatives. It can also help prevent claim denials by ensuring that the patient has coverage for the service prior to treatment.  Eligibility Verification provides quick online confirmation of patient eligibility and benefit coverage retrieved directly from the payer in real-time or via batch processing. It saves staff time versus making phone calls to payers, data entry into point-of-service devices, or a need to login and search for patient coverage on each payer website.  �Smart Eligibility Request� also helps make the verification process more efficient and timely by mapping content from the request to fit the specific information and format requirements for each payer.

Access to Comprehensive Eligibility Information

Anyone supporting your organization�s scheduling, admitting, accounting and billing functions can verify patient eligibility. There are two methods to access eligibility. It can be fully integrated into your health information system or practice management system to function within your existing workflow, or it can be accessed online via the user-friendly ConnectCenter portal.

 Web Portal Sourced Payer Eligibility

 Utilizing both payer web portals and standard electronic data interchange (EDI), Eligibility Verification helps automate the eligibility process and access comprehensive data regardless of where the payer data resides. We extend your knowledge beyond EDI by assimilating detailed data found on more than 500 payer websites. Added information may include: the patient�s balance on their annual deductible, eligibility for multiple services and days remaining for a service.


Eligibility Verification Helps:

� Improve patient collections

� Reduce payer claim denials and write-offs

� Support strategies to reduce A/R days

� Save administrative time versus alternative eligibility verification methods

� Empower patient financial discussions

� Support goals to reduce costs

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