Sunrise Services is more than just a software vendor.  By partnering with us, you not only receive a premium level of support on your software, you also get up to date, knowledgeable information pertaining to the constantly evolving trends in our healthcare systems.

We offer several support options to fit your needs-including live on-site support in the greater Louisville, KY or Columbus, OH areas.  Our most popular option for technical support is our virtual system.

Premium Level of Service

We realized there is a wide range of options when it comes to choosing the right company to support your practice.  So, why are we better than all the rest?

  • No lengthy wait time on hold-calls are answered by a person-not a machine, Monday through Friday 8:30AM to 6:00PM EST.  We are willing to work around your practice and do offer weekend/after-hours support (but like you, most of us also have families, so we ask that weekend/after hours support be made by appointment, and of course there may be extra charges applied).  We are closed on all major holidays.
  • Our online ticketing system allows you to put in a support request anytime.
  • Virtual on-site support - permission based control enables real-time ad hoc collaboration. No more trying to tell the technician what you think is wrong. We are able to see what you see on your program in real time. Greatly simplifying the fix and saving you valuable time and money.
  • We've be at this for a very long time-over 20 years to be exact.  All of us at Sunrise have used Medisoft in the real world as well, so we understand how much stress you are under to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Products We Support

  • Medisoft Practice Management (Basic, Advanced, and Network Pro)
  • Office Hours
  • Advantage Database (for Medisoft Network Pro and Medisoft Clinical)
  • Medisoft Clinical EHR
  • Revenue Management
  • HealthFusion MediTouch
  • BillFlash
  • Trizetto and RelayHealth Clearinghouses (although we won't turn you away if you are submitting through a different clearinghouse)
  • Any other Medisoft Add-ons

Other Services We Provide

  • Medisoft Clinical EHR training and implementation
  • Medisoft Customized Reports
  • Medisoft Clinical EHR customized templates
  • Medisoft Data File Repair
  • Lab Interfaces
  • Help with Meaningful Use reporting through Medisoft Clinical EHR
  • PQRS reporting
  • Chronic Care Management
  • Off-site backup services
  • Anti-Virus software service
  • Medical Billing and Coding Services

Our Support Options

  • Pay by the hour
  • Pay by a block of time
  • Unlimited monthly support
  • Our Medisoft ProCare plan (pay by the month)

Want to Go On Your Own?

Printed "manuals" went away awhile ago.  So, while there is no printed book with your software, the manual is still included with your purchase-just not in the form of a big bulky book.  If you received a DVD with the product, you can access the Medisoft Manual when the DVD starts to play (of course-you do not need to install Medisoft again).

There are also help files loaded into your software.  Press "F1" anywhere in the program and you will be taken to the help file associated with the area you are in in Medisoft.  Or you can click on the Help menu and search through the Table of Contents.


For Pricing on Any of our Support Services-Give us a call 888-880-0384