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Electronic Claims Direct

Electronic Claims are Faster than Paper

Electronic claims significantly reduce the amount of time a practice waits to be paid for their services. On average, electronic claims are paid in half the time of paper claims. Electronic claims improve payment speed in two ways: First, the mail system is avoided. An electronic claim can arrive at a carrier's office within 24 hours and be ready to be paid by their computer. Contrast this with the time it takes for the post office to deliver the mail and data entry staff at the carrier's office to enter the claim information! Second, insurance carriers give priority processing to electronic claims. Medicare processors cut two weeks off their payment time to give providers the incentive they need to send claims electronically!

Which Claims Can Be Sent Electronically?

MediSoft Direct Electronic Claims software is offered for selected insurance carriers. Medicare, Medicaid and Blue Cross/Blue Shield accept claims directly from providers and billing services in most areas. 

Electronic Claims are as Easy as Paper

Billing data is entered into MediSoft, then is used to print paper claims or submit claims electronically. After the initial setup, no additional data entry is required -- Just select the Electronic Claims menu option!

Free Electronic Claims Software Isn't Free

Carrier-supplied software works differently than MediSoft, requiring extra time to learn and use. Claim information sometimes must be entered a second time to use carrier-supplied software. MediSoft Direct Claims modules work inside MediSoft, using the same familiar menu structure and commands.

Modules are available across the country

Direct Modules are available for select payers across the US. 

MediSoft Electronic Claims Direct Is Easy To Own

MediSoft Electronic Claims Direct all-payer modules cost $1499.00, single carrier modules $1299.00

Order MediSoft Electronic Claims Direct

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