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Strategic Technology Solutions for Practices

Sunrise Services Consulting has launched  its new Strategic Technology Solutions for practices. The new service aims to help healthcare executives create health IT investment and implementation strategies that enable their organizations to improve patient outcomes, enhance organizational performance and prepare for fundamental shifts occurring in healthcare nationwide. See upcoming changes

"Sunrise Consulting has built a team of experts dedicated to helping healthcare organizations take advantage of unprecedented investment and innovation in health IT," said Sunrise Services CEO Thomas Clark "Our team of experts share a passion for using information and technology to help clients solve their most pressing business challenges and achieve their goals for growth, performance and access to capital."

Sunrise Services is committed to providing completely integrated software, billing and collection services, and connectivity for physician practices regardless of size, specialty or geographic location.

For 15 years, Sunrise has been helping physicians increase productivity and improve quality of care.  Sunrise's staff of highly trained professionals in health care management systems, clinical charting, training and support understands what it takes to be successful in today's highly competitive environment.

At Sunrise Services we are driven by an earnest desire to make a positive impact on healthcare providers.  It is a privilege that we are able to fulfill this our vision by partnering with:

Software Vendors that help health care professionals realize their full potential as caregivers.

Products that impact the patient directly, resulting in a healthier, better informed populace.

A community in which our employees and customers work together in a spirit of innovation.

A company environment in which employees are given an opportunity to realize their potential as individuals and as members of an enterprise team.

The essence of our mission is -  and always has been - to help our customer flourish while managing our own business using biblical Judo-Christian vales.  Doing the right thing for our client is more important than just making the sale.

Sunrise Services was founded in 1996 by Thomas and Judy Clark.  Our company is grounded in the daily reality of providing mission-critical clinical and administrative systems for thousands of doctors and their staff from a Christian based perspective.

Dedication to Service

Sunrise Services is dedicated to achieving outstanding client success.  We believe we must deliver to our clients EMR, Billing and Scheduling software and technical service and implementation which creates exceptional value to our client.

Our aim is to differentiate ourselves by becoming more focused on the client experience, rather than simply being focused on the project's technical and financial aspects.  We want our clients to value our input, enjoy working with us, and be very confident that we are meeting all of their service requirements - on time, to agreed quality and on budget.

We believe that open and frequent communication is essential to fulfilling client needs.  Communication leads to understanding and it is through a holistic appreciation of our clients; Medical Practices that we can deliver the best solutions.  Our staff is trained to look ahead to the end of the project and visualize what must be delivered for our clients to achieve their goals.

We are committed to delivering our projects and services on time.  We monitor our performance continually to ensure we are meeting your deadlines.

At Sunrise we are aware that we can't provide exceptional service unless we understand our client's businesses, and their needs for each specific Medical Practice.  Before we proceed with a project we ensure we clearly understand a client's desired outcome.